Contemporary Homes SA

Contemporary Homes SA: Simple, Functional Designs

Contemporary homes in SA have to keep up with contemporary life. After all, homes should be lived in and enjoyed, not treated like contrived stage settings designed to fool your peers into thinking you have the perfect life. Now more than ever, the trend in homes is about doing more with less, both to save money and to save energy. Here are a few aspects of this trend.

Simple Designs
Not long ago, nooks and crannies were in fashion. Everyone wanted a breakfast nook and a sun room and a window seat, leading to additions jutting out from the house at all sorts of delightfully odd angles. Now, however, the trend is definitely swinging back towards simplicity. Contemporary home design in SA now makes use of simple, open floor plans with clean lines and multipurpose potential. Gone are the many little bumpouts and the torturous roof lines they created. Instead, house lines are simple and clean inside and out. This has the added bonus of making construction easier and cheaper, which helps families looking to save money during home building in SA.

Smaller, Open Kitchens
The contemporary home is also trending towards smaller, more efficient spaces. This saves costs in terms of square footage to build and also space to heat and cool. The formerly gargantuan kitchen of past decades has seen quite a transformation due to this contemporary desire to downsize. Now kitchens are much more likely to create an illusion of space by featuring large expanses of windows and open floor plans that link them to the rest of the house. Kitchen islands are quite popular, because they create counter space and storage space without the confining feeling of a full wall. With the reduction in the size of kitchens, storage space for food, utensils, and cookware has suffered. Walk-in pantries are now a trendy way to compensate.

Multigenerational Use 
More and more families are now seeing multiple generations living together in one home. Some people may even have both their elderly parents and their own adult children living with them at once--that's three generations in one home. This has been the norm in Europe for ages, but it is relatively new to Australia. The contemporary home in SA accommodates this trend towards intergenerational living by including more than one master suite, preferably at opposite ends of the house. This allows for the different generations to have more privacy. They can also stick to their own schedules without disturbing one another, with older people often getting up earlier and younger ones staying up later. Many homes are also being customised with special features for the elderly, such as wider halls for wheelchairs, elevators, rails and grab bars for mobility issues, and even special walk-in bathtubs for improved safety.

As you can see, the common thread in all of these trends is the need to make homes more liveable and less expensive. When building your own contemporary home, try to focus more on what you need for your unique family, rather than on what is hip or trendy in design and architecture.

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