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Green Trends from Adelaide Home Builders

Going green in the building process means something different to different people. Some people focus on reusing and repurposing building materials, or improving existing structures before building new ones. Other people think longer term, and focus on the need to create sustainable homes and buildings that are energy efficient, use less water, and have a smaller carbon footprint in the long run. From this point of view, it is often worthwhile to build a new, green home rather than fixing up an energy-sucking, water-wasting, old home. Here are a few green features to ask your new home builder in Adelaide about.

Gray Water Systems
In often drought-stricken Australia, water usage can be a big concern. There's often precious little water to drink, much less to "waste" on things like washing your car or watering your lawn. Gray water systems have the potential to change all of that. If more new home builders in Adelaide installed these systems, people would actually use less water without feeling deprived. That's because the gray water system captures water used in sinks and showers and stores it for later use. It is in a separate system so you don't have to worry about accidentally drinking it. Essentially, you get twice as much use out of your water.

Green Building Materials
Green building materials have also been gaining popularity amongst environmentally conscious home builders in Adelaide. Particularly popular is bamboo flooring. This sustainable wood grows just about anywhere in Asia and the South Pacific, and under the right conditions it can grow up to 24 inches per day. Plus, bamboo can grow back from its roots after harvesting. All of these attributes mean that bamboo is inexpensive and readily available. And, as an added bonus, it is also quite attractive! Ask your Adelaide home builder about locally sourced, sustainable bamboo for your home.

Solar Energy
In sunny Adelaide, having a few solar panels installed in your home can really make a dent in your energy bill. Plus, the more clean energy you produce at home on your own, the less you draw from the grid, which often relies on dirty, carbon-heavy fuels like coal, oil, and gas. Even if you only produce a few kilowatts of energy, every little bit counts. If energy prices continue to rise, installing solar now will no doubt pay for itself later on down the road.

Energy Efficiency
Making your new home energy efficient will also be very important in terms of long term stability. The more efficient your heating and cooling systems are, and the more insulated your home is, the less energy you will have to use to stay comfortable indoors. This is easier on your wallet and on the planet. You can also ask your home builder in Adelaide about installing other energy efficient appliances, like kitchen appliances or laundry machines. Lighting should also be carefully examined. Try to choose fixtures that will elegantly accommodate the new energy-saving CFL bulbs whenever possible.

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