Luxury Home Builders Adelaide

Design a Dream with Luxury Home Builders in Adelaide

Part of the joy of building your own home is being able to design everything from the bottom up. You get to choose the land that the house will be built on, the architectural style, the floor plan, and the building and finishing materials. Plus, you get to stuff your new home full of every luxury feature you ever dreamed of. Here are a few of the top luxury amenities that people are asking for from luxury home builders in Adelaide.

Pools and Spas
A beautifully tiled pool area nestled in lush greenery or enclosed in a vaulted pool room has long been a symbol of wealth and a staple of luxury homes. Nowadays, however, people are thinking a bit more green and there has been a movement away from large pools because of their conspicuous consumption of water. Alternatives to the traditional pool area include a small, private lap pool, which is great for exercise, a hot tub or sauna for detoxifying relaxation, and an enlarged master bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub.

Specialty Bathrooms
Another home feature often designed and constructed by luxury house builders in Adelaide is a huge, lavish master bathroom. This type of bathroom tends to feature marble floors and walls, or else specialty glass or porcelain tiles. High-end plumbing fixtures that complement the overall style and design of the bathroom will also be chosen. A separate shower and tub is a must in a luxury master bath. The tub is usually a whirlpool or Jacuzzi tub, and the shower often includes special features like multiple showerheads or massaging showerheads. Rain showers are also popular. Because luxury bathrooms are so huge, the toilet is often hidden in a room-within-a-room. Separate his and hers sinks and vanities as well as attached walk-in closets are also common.

Wine Cellars
Often, luxury homeowners build big so that they can more easily host large parties. And of course any elegant party needs wine. Having a wine cellar in the house that your luxury home builder from Adelaide designs for you can be a huge bonus when it comes to entertaining. Just make sure that the wine cellar really is a cellar, and not just any old room with a built in wine rack. In order to properly store fine wines, the room should be climate controlled and shielded from light.

Home Theatres
Home theatres are also quite popular in luxury homes. Whether the theatre is just big enough for your family or can seat dozens of people, you will need to make sure the space gets built with proper acoustics. Then you can install a state of the art sound and projection system and know that they will perform to their very best ability.

No matter what luxurious home amenities you have in mind, be sure to discuss them with your luxury house builder in Adelaide before beginning construction. That way, your dream features will be seamlessly integrated into the house, rather than tacked on at the last minute.