Tailoring to your requirements

Why Medallion

At Medallion Homes we pride ourselves on creating outstanding display homes - homes that are unique in design, exhibiting real architectural style, exceptional workmanship and offering certainty of price, time and design through a proven and reliable process.Our home designs showcase a range of options for all aspects of modern living, including external facade, room designs, varying block sizes and lifestyle requirements.

Our sophisticated design process ensures we understand your requirements to define, design and deliver on the home you've always imagined. We can deliver on stylish design and premium quality - and make the process straightforward, flexible and, above all, transparent. A Medallion home is not only an investment for the short term - delivering a superior lifestyle benefit for yourself and your family - but also a premium investment in the longer term.

Our homes are widely recognised by leading real estate agents who know that branding their campaigns with 'Medallion built' has a significant positive impact on their results. Many have sold these homes well above market value and had record visitations, proving time and again that a Medallion home has a reputation for design integrity, premium quality and brand appeal that people are looking for in the premium home market.