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  • The ever-popular Coolum

  • Feng Shui Your New Home

  • The Wash Up On Beautiful Bathrooms

  • Clever Kitchens

  • Choosing The Right Builder

  • Beautiful Bedrooms

  • Engineered Timber Floors

  • 2018 Design Trends

  • Open Plan Living

The ever-popular Coolum

The contemporary design and striking street appeal of the Coolum make it one of our most popular homes.

Feng Shui Your New Home

These simple suggestions will help bring harmony to your new home...

The Wash Up On Beautiful Bathrooms

More than just a place to wash your face, blissful bathrooms are taking on a life of their own.

Clever Kitchens

Ingredients for the perfect kitchen!

Choosing The Right Builder

Choosing the right builder is the biggest part of getting your new home right.

Beautiful Bedrooms

How to design the right bedroom for you...

Engineered Timber Floors

What you need to know about solid versus engineered timber flooring.

2018 Design Trends

The best design trends for 2018... 

Open Plan Living

Creating an open plan living space in the heart of your home...