Open Plan Living

Friday, 2nd February 2018

It used to be, in traditional houses, every room was in its place and every place had a purpose. The lounge was separate from the kitchen and the dining room was for formal occasions only, when the good crockery and silverware came out. 

These days that's all changed and the popular norm is one large, open plan living area that encompasses all these rooms in the heart of the home; a central hub that brings all the family together, multitasking to suit everyone's needs.

The popularity of open plan living is largely because modern floor plans allow all these zones - living, dining, kitchen - to connect functionally and aesthetically. But instead of looking like a large, square room with no personality, there are still design elements to be mindful of to ensure this space is still cosy and inviting.

To create a warm, cosy space, think darker colour palettes rather than cool, stark whites. Throw in soft textures and warm colours with your decor items and flooring. Nothing invites more than soft, plush furnishings, rugs, cushions and throws.

Think about your lighting for this space. Feature lights over the island bench, dining table or even in the living area can add a designer element, while adding a dimmer function to your downlights can also create a soft mood, as can floor or table lamps.

Add some personality by incorporating a feature wall, whether it be paint, wallpaper or built in joinery. A recessed wall to frame your wall mounted TV creates a nice designer element, while built in joinery can also provide storage to hide that collection of DVDs or display some of your favourite knick knacks, photos or smaller art pieces in shelving nooks. An inbuilt fireplace under the entertainment wall can be a welcome addition in the cooler months and creates interest even when not in use.

Also think about artwork or a mirror on surrounding walls to further enhance the room, create interest and let your personality shine through. A mirror, particularly, can open up the space by helping to bounce natural light and can echo any artwork or decorative features that are positioned on the facing walls.

Browse through our photo gallery for more inspiration on how to create a well designed, functional open plan living space for your new Medallion home.