The Wash Up On Beautiful Bathrooms

Thursday, 7th June 2018

Once upon a time, bathrooms were an often overlooked space, visited only for your daily ablutions. Fast forward to bathrooms of today and it's more common to find these spaces taking on a spa inspired feel; a sanctuary full of tranquility, calming decor and luxurious materials.

Bathrooms are fast becoming more indulgent spaces, with plenty of design thought going into the size and layout of this room. Functionality and form are the key to getting this right, but the emergence of a diverse range of products, materials and technology for bathrooms are taking this to the next level.

Leading this new designer trend in bathrooms are statement basins. Whether they be mounted, recessed or otherwise, basins are now available in a range of sizes, shapes and colours. Paired with some of today's more dramatic tapware and you have a show-stopping focal point to your bathroom.

Designer lighting is another key trend with soft LED lighting strips being used in cabinetry or wall niches to create ambience. Pendant lights create another layer and can highlight interesting details of your room. For full dramatic effect, you can also add a chandelier to create the ultimate bathroom opulence.

If minimalistic is more your taste, the growing trend of floating vanities creates a sleek appearance, whilst push cupboards and drawers do away with the need for handles and keeps this area neat and clutter free.

The installation of a free standing bath can instantly give that resort style feel and even more so by placing it on an elevated platform. Think luxurious spa inspired materials with stone, honed concrete or timber and add mood lighting and even concealed speakers to really elevate this to your own private oasis.

Another growing trend is to make the humble bathroom mirror it's own work of art. Instead of the small, purely functional mirrors of old, modern bathrooms are showcasing full width mirrors, often set back into a niche or framed to take on a focal point all of its own.

And, finally, don't think the metallic trend is going away any time soon. Although chrome is always the classic go-to in bathroom ware, brass, rose gold, black and even gunmetal grey are still popular choices for modern bathrooms.

With so many beautiful bathroom options available, brushing your teeth will never be a dull affair again.