Feng Shui Your New Home

Friday, 6th July 2018

The ancient practice of Feng shui can not only bring harmony to your new home, but also create a wonderful first impression. Here are some of the top tips to get you started.

One of the most important Feng shui considerations for your home starts with the entrance. The front door and entrance are not only the first areas you notice about a home, but they are also where the all important 'chi' or positive energy enters. Your front entrance should reflect your own unique personality and should also mirror your approach to life - so make it colourful, use plants for an organic element and introduce creative lighting and artwork to bring it to life. 

A slight curve from the street to your front door is considered a more relaxed approach rather than a straight line. Plants around the front of the home create a feeling of happiness and beauty which are great for softening out the negative aspects of all the sharp edges and corners of a built structure.

Water features are another positive addition for creating comfort and relaxation.

The front door in Feng shui is often referred to as the 'mouth' of the home and solid, natural elements such as timber are considered preferable to glass or steel. Keeping this front entrance clutter free is also said to enhance the flow of opportunities coming into your home. Also try to avoid a straight line between your front and back doors as this encourages the 'chi' to exit your home as soon as it enters, rather than having time to move around your home, bringing peace and prosperity.

Further inside the home, lots of natural light and air flow is important. In the kitchen, try to keep areas streamlined and clutter free with a design that maximises harmonious flow from each different area. Introducing organic elements such as timbers or stone can give a grounded feel while views to the outdoor garden promote tranquility.

The Feng shui of your bedroom should invite restful calm and harmony. Choose colours that are soothing and restorative, try to create mood lighting that is warm and relaxing and keep the use of technology (computers and tvs) to a minimum. Allow lots of airflow in your bedroom and space to move, ideally with enough space around the bed to be able to move freely on both sides.

Your bathroom should also be a space of calming, restoring and rejuvenating energy. A warm space, soft lighting, clear benches and lots of mirror will bring positive energy to this room.

These basic Feng shui steps will start you on the path to positive energy for your home - so relax and have fun with it and the good feelings will follow.