Come Dine With Me

Friday, 6th March 2015

Whether you throw full scale dinner parties, or have a close-knit family eager to make the most of meal times, dining rooms are a pretty simple living space where you can really play with design in order to make the most of what you’ve got. A good design can turn a simple dinner with friends into a sophisticated dinner party.

We’ve put together a few basic tips for you to bear in mind when you’re making your dining design decisions.

Our design tips can apply to separate rooms for formal dinner occasions, open plan living spaces incorporating multiple purposes, or even the corner of your kitchen area.

Colour Schemes: As with most rooms in your house, the choice of colour scheme is going to be contingent on the size and style of your space. The usual tips apply - smaller rooms benefit from lighter colours, larger rooms can feel more cosy with darker, richer colours. Dark colours can turn up the drama but work best in larger rooms but correct lighting is also important. Keep in mind the size and lightness of your room when picking your colours and you can’t go far wrong.

Lighting: The correct lighting in a dining room is very much down to where in the home it is. If your dining space is in the kitchen or lounge you might want to consider how the lighting fits in with the entire space for an overall balanced look as you don’t want too much visual competition. If your dining room is in a separate room you have a bit more freedom to create a feature and give that wow impact and with this, the options are endless - from chandeliers and modern pendants to retro fitting - it’s purely about fitting in with the style of the home.

Regardless of what style of lighting you choose, different occasions call for different lighting in a dining room. That’s why a great tip for any room that you dine in is to ensure your lights feature a dimmer control – this will give you the versatility to cater for all types of occasion.

Personality: Like all of the other rooms in your house, your dining room is an extension of your lifestyle and personality. Ultimately you are the one who has to live with it and you should never let style guides like this stop you from making a space you really love.

Your personality can come out in the colour scheme, the layout, the furniture or just the choice of decorations in the room. In fact, as the dining room is almost a single function space, it’s a great place to reflect your style with accessories.

Feature artwork on walls can create a striking look in the dining room; they can complement a design or act as focal points. Similarly, pots, plates, glass cabinets or decorative furniture can really bring out the character of a room. This is especially important in a dining room where people need to feel relaxed as they eat; personality is what will make the design of your dining room really stand out.