The Heart of the Home - Kitchen Design Trends

Wednesday, 10th June 2015

When you're building your new home, quite often it's the kitchen that enjoys most of the design attention - after all, it is the heart of the home where you and your family spend the majority of your time!

Before you start the design process, think about what you'll need as well as what you want this space to look like. Take into account emerging kitchen trends which may provide a spark of inspiration and ultimately influence the overall design of this creative cooking and entertaining zone.

Some of the key trends emerging this year are:

  • Furniture-style cabinetry. This approach marks another step in the evolution of the kitchen as the central hub of the home and a treasured space the whole family can enjoy, rather than just a functional area that's used for food preparation and cooking alone. A stand out way to achieve a place where you can get together and converse, as well as eat, is with an island bench. There are a huge array of materials to really create a bespoke station that suits your individual personality and requirements and natural stone is always a stylish and popular option with a multitude of colours and patterns to choose from.

  • Open shelving. There is an emerging trend toward using open shelving as a practical solution for kitchen space rather than simply for display purposes. Open shelving can personalise the space, making it feel lived in and warm, while keeping the kitchen functional and easy to use. Of course, there are always some things that you don't want displayed so combining open shelves and closed cabinets allows you the best of both options!

  • Wallpaper. If you want to add interest and impact to your kitchen zone, wallpaper can be an effective and impressive option. Wallpaper has enjoyed a resurgence in all areas of the home recently and it will continue to be a major trend in 2015. Wallpaper provides an easy way to add visual impact and gives you the control to complement architectural elements throughout the kitchen zone or add a beautiful contrast to an otherwise simple colour palette.

  • Statement ceilings. For too long we've forgotten to look up but this year sees more statement making ceilings to create emphasis in your kitchen. Whether it's through the use of lighting, bulkheads or coffer ceilings, statement shapes and classic embellishments and features will become part of the room's beauty once again.

  • Metallic elements. While silver, chrome and stainless steel are three metallics commonly used in the kitchen, warmer metals such as gold, copper and bronze will also have their moment to shine. The texture and gleaming finish of metallics provide a stunning accent to most palette choices.

Take a look at some of these Medallion Homes' kitchens for inspiration on your new design. Spending time cooking and entertaining in this heart of the home has never been more appealing!