Achieving 30 years of membership with the Housing Industry Association (HIA)

Thursday, 7th February 2019

After three decades in the business, Medallion Homes have received recognition for 30 years of membership with the Housing Industry Association (HIA). This is an honourable achievement and Medallion Homes would like to thank HIA for the recognition of this significant milestone.

As the official body for Australia’s home building industry, HIA have been supporting the housing industry for over 60 years, and has members that are responsible for more than 80% of new homes and renovations nationally. HIA is the only industry association for Australia’s building professionals, and recognises the importance of the housing industry by providing extensive support to members and allowing for the highest quality of services for the lowest cost.

HIA encourages industry-high standards through self-regulated conduct and by developing and advocating policy to ensure that every member has a voice. Their professionalism, alongside their reputable political strength has allowed HIA to build a powerful membership association for those in the Australian building industry.

Achieving 30 years of membership with HIA is undoubtedly significant for Medallion Homes and certainly well earned.

During the past three decades, Medallion Homes has created an unrivalled reputation in South Australia for designing and building unique, high quality homes. Our team understands that clients are not only looking for a thoughtful mix of innovative design, precision construction and attention to detail; they are also looking for a higher level of customer service and personal involvement.

From our design team, project managers and building supervisors through to our exceptional team of tradespeople, our commitment to your personal service, together with their expertise, knowledge and reputation, will provide you with excellence throughout the entire building process. Even with the continuing saturation of the housing market, Medallion Homes have been able to go above and beyond, which has brought back repeat clients and allowed us to stand the test of time. This can be rare in the housing industry, and our team are very excited for what’s to come.

As a reputable business and with a premium quality level of service to provide, Medallion Homes will continue to make the journey of building your own home as pleasurable as the home itself. Just like the harmony and balance of our homes, we are confident you will be delighted with your experience.

If you want to build a home with Medallion, choose from our home and land opportunities or talk to us about building a custom home.