Customer Feedback Surveys

Wednesday, 31st October 2012

At Medallion Homes, we believe the journey of building your home should be as pleasurable as the home itself.

That's why we send a series of Customer Feedback Surveys to our clients from the beginning of their journey right through until their home is complete.

These surveys allow clients to voice their thoughts on our various people and processes and give us some valuable insights into how our business is performing and ways we can strive to continually improve the services we offer in order to maintain our position as a market leader in South Australia's residential building industry.

Surveys also give clients a vehicle to express their praise for individual staff members, contractors or suppliers who may have helped make their journey all the more enjoyable.

Highlighted below are some of the recent comments we've received from our Customer Feedback Surveys and we are extremely proud that we warrant such glowing comments from satisfied customers.


"We just wanted to thank those of you at Medallion who all played a role in making our beautiful new home. Your tradespeople have always been very helpful and, of course, our supervisor was vital in making sure everything went to plan. A big thank you for guiding us every step of the way. We're really happy with our lovely home and the team at Medallion was excellent in making it all happen!"... Mohammad & Liza

"I'm astounded at how great the service is for our first building experience!"... Craig & Nicole

"Jane (Sales Consultant) has been absolutely fantastic, professional, thorough, punctual and honestly the reason why we have chosen to go with Medallion rather than another builder. We feel confident that the other people that we will work with on building our home will be just as good"... Helen & Paul

"Your trades/contractors are very friendly and very helpful. They all love working for you as you are very professional, which gives me confidence. I have been recommending you to everyone and everyone we've shown through the house comments on the quality and how lovely it is. In general, the whole building process was smooth and fast and very professional"... Trevor

"We would definitely build with and recommend Medallion Homes again. We are very happy with the finish, smoothness of the project and timing"... Kristen

"We quickly gained confidence in Steve's (Sales Consultant) ability to lead us through the design process. He was very patient and accurately interpreted our lifestyle needs and wishes. He often used the display homes to illustrate what our plans would look like - this was another reassuring aspect of starting this whole building project"... John & Mary

"Eric (Senior Architect) is amazing. We had no idea what the finished home would look like but he created the vision and was patient and understanding as we made changes. He challenged our thinking and was able to capture exactly what we wanted. Thank you!"... Gareth & Diane

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