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Kar and Katrina

Building with Medallion the first time was such a pleasure for this family, they didn't hesitate in seeking our help to build their dream Georgian style home in this gorgeous location. Hear what they love about Medallion here.

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A breathtaking family home perfectly tailored for country living. Hear from this family about their stunning custom built home and what set Medallion apart from other builders.

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Kensington Park

A magnificent Georgian style home, classically elegant to stand the test of time.

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Brendan and Mahree

This family enlisted Medallion's help in sourcing and securing an eastern suburbs site to build their dream home and then entrusted us to design a home to fit with all Council's requirements, without compromising on their own.

Find the answers about how Medallion can tailor a unique home solution to suit your block, your family and your lifestyle on our Common Questions page.

Carey Gully

A breathtaking location and a painstakingly researched design brief were the start of this family's Medallion journey. Take a closer look at this stunning custom home which takes in sweeping views of its natural surrounds.

Click here to see why Medallion are the industry leaders in custom design and Tailoring To Your Requirements. At Medallion, we pride ourselves on delivering a professional, efficient and flexible solution to your new home needs.


The Domo was always the clear front runner for this family when they were searching for a new home design. That and the fact that Medallion's quality stood out above all other display homes they visited, has seen them build the home of their dreams. Hear about their Medallion experience here.

Discover more about the Domo here and create your own version of this stunning family home.

Somerton Park

Looking for a sea change, this discerning couple knew they had found the right home and location when they saw one of Medallion's premier home and land opportunities in Somerton Park. The Medallion solution was everything they were looking for.

Visit our Now Selling page to see all our current home and land opportunities in some of Adelaide's premier blue chip locations and start your own Medallion journey today.

Mt Barker

Moving back to Adelaide, this couple only looked at one display home - the Medallion Homes Coolum at Blackwood Park. It was a perfect match for all their needs - and their Mt Barker site.

The Coolum continues to impress and showcase just how versatile this floor plan can be for a range of different families and locations, across Adelaide. Learn more about this popular home here.

Vale Park

This family loved their location and loved our Coolum display, so why not have both? Now they have a beautiful new Medallion home - and have retained their former established garden - all on their existing site. Hear their story here.

Click here to discover more about why our stunning, contemporary home - the Coolum - is such a popular choice. 


Medallion Homes are excited to announce our recent acquisition of over 3,000sqm of premium blue chip land in the tranquil, leafy eastern suburb address of Tusmore Avenue, Leabrook (on the corner of Stanley Street). This is the perfect opportunity to build your own Medallion home in a highly sought after, premium location.

View more of this stunning location in our Home and Land Opportunities Gallery.

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