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A New Guide to the Adelaide Central Markets:

A new audio tour helps unearth (and eat) your way through the city icon’s gems.

As beating hearts of a city go, Adelaide Central Market has it all.

An important part of SA’s history and has been for more than 150 years. The space is sacred to anyone who loves food and fresh produce.

Whether you have a hankering for a steaming bowl of Korean dumpling soup, fancy a long chinwag with one of the multi-generation traders, or simply want to people watch, there’s no better place to experience the microcosm of multicultural South Australia.

The Market is one of South Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, with millions of visitors every year. For the first time ever, the Market team recently launched its first ever free audio tour, hosted by chef and television personality Adam Liaw, and local food and wine writer Katie Spain.

There’s plenty to explore. The Central Markets is home to more than 70 different stores, many of which are family owned and operated by second and third generation traders. It officially opened in 1869 and is now the oldest market in Australia in its current Adelaide CBD location. Not only is it a great place to spend a few hours, it supports the state’s network of local growers, producers and suppliers selling millions of kilograms of fruit and vegetables and fresh food every month.

Many South Australians have fond memories of attending Adelaide Central Markets with their grandparents and parents; catching the tram to Victoria Square and heading straight to Blackeby’s for a boiled fish sweet. With memories like this, it’s no surprise that locals all have their favourite stalls. Rather than beeline for them, download the guided tour, pop your earphones in, and let yourself be guided to surprising new flavours and faces.

Make sure you take time to stop and eat. These are some of the iconic eateries and must-try dishes.

Marino Meat & Food Store
The smell of delicious, hot porchetta hits long before you reach this market favourite. Antonio Marino began his butchering career in Abruzzo, Italy during the late 1950s and went on to work here from 1965. He took over a decade later and now his grandson Riccardo Marino runs the store. It’s more than just a butcher and grocer. Marino is also an Italian-inspired artisan salumi and smallgoods manufacturer (Riccardo makes his own range). For a grab-and-go, you can’t go past the porchetta rolls and cannoli, served fresh out front of the store.


Lucia’s Pizza & Spaghetti Bar

As icons go, it doesn’t get more heartwarming. Lucia’s has been an Italian institution here for more than six decades. It’s a bustling place, with orange tabletops so familiar it’s like a big warm hug. The late Lucia Rosella opened her little pizza and spaghetti bar in 1957, bringing the joys of real Italian-style pizza to Adelaide. Her daughters Nicci and Maria run the eatery now and in addition to great espresso, stellar salads, and plenty of animated conversation, they dish up pasta classics with homemade pasta sauce and pizza – just like Lucia used to make. Order the spaghetti bolognaise for a true, cockle-warming classic.

Asian Gourmet

If you haven’t eaten at Asian Gourmet, you simply haven’t lived. The surrounds are very humble; tables and plastic chairs fill the space (inside and out). Asian Gourmet was established in the late 1980s and is run by Charles and Doreen Chow. Charles is a cheerful chap and can be spotted in the kitchen working on his famous Sarawak laksa. Doreen, meanwhile, keeps a steady flow of customers in line. It’s the kind of place that attracts a motley crew of regulars including local politicians, chefs, and newcomers in the know.


Sunmi’s Sushi

As hangover cures go, there’s no better option than Sunmi Kim’s dumpling soup with rice cake. It’s a day-maker. Her Korean pancakes made with mung bean and green vegetables, and her kimbap are also worth stopping for. Fun fact: Korean stall owner Sunmi is a former Olympic volleyballer. She has worked in this tiny space since 1995, and her small team manoeuvres the little kitchen much like synchronised swimmers.


Le Deux Coqs

Authentic French fare is the order of the day here. Terrines, pates, macarons, eclairs, and croissants -ooh-la-la. Le Deux Coqs means ‘the two roosters’ and started in a former Vicarage in the village of St Emma Bellevue in Burgundy, France. What started as a pop-up stall has been a permanent fixture on the market map since 2018. Try the saucissons, rillettes, and jambonneau (knuckle end of a leg of pork or ham). Actually, try everything – it’s all fantastic.

Le Souk

“Do you want a date?”
If you’re lucky, you’ll be greeted by this offer when you settle in at this Algeria-inspired eatery. This stall is as fun as it gets, largely thanks to co-owner Azu Bouilouta who grew up in the mountains of East Algeria. He and partner Julia Melvin aim to introduce diners to flavours they’ve never encountered before. The menu is influenced by Berber, Arab, Turkish, Jewish and French cuisines; all found in North Africa. Walking past the beautiful big pans of paella is almost impossible. Go on, indulge yourself (and take Azu up on that date).



This newer addition to the market landscape begs for Friday night knock-offs. Take a perch at the bench seating and watch seafood and tapas plates prepared in front of you. Watch the steam rising from bowls of Eyre Peninsula wok fried mussels, which are best consumed as you watch Market life in action (with a glass of bubbles or Chablis in hand, naturally).


The Adelaide Central Market Audio Tour runs for 50 minutes and is available for free on all Android and Apple podcast platforms. Visitors are encouraged to pick up a map and start their tour from the Market Stall, located on the ground floor near the central Gouger Street entrance. Listen to the Audio Tour here.

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