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The Fabric of Andre Ursini:

The term South Australian “born and bred” has a succinct literal relevance to it when describing hospitality force Andre Ursini.

He is a visionary in skilfully linking the sheer simplicity of access to our regions and the CBD. This just happens to be one of the strongest suits the state of South Australia has when it comes to its true identity. The regions are the gems in the CBD crown, from the rolling green of the Adelaide Hills to the coastal glow of the Fleurieu Peninsula, Andre has a food experience to shine on all of them.

The young father of three and proprietor of several successful food ventures became a household name in the very first season of Master Chef. Andre built his character on the show around a direct and nonchalant approach to dealing with the TV producers and their hosts which later became his calling card for ongoing appearances on television and his approach to his restaurant ventures.

Restaurant service is a ballet. It holds the diner captive. If executed well, it becomes a performance of spellbinding beauty. Each element itself is wrapped in a harmony of motion between waiter, chef, food and setting. Andre understands all of this. He is a conductor, a maestro of the highest order.

“Initially, it was the pursuit of honey, the best honey… now it’s become more than that, bees fascinate me… they pollenate the planet and essentially keep life as we know it sustained. ”

Throughout each of his hospitality ventures, even back to his debut restaurant Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar in the Adelaide CBD, he encouraged dining experiences to be more memorable with the right blend of no nonsense service and attention to detail on the plate. Behind the scenes he begun his journey into human recourses, training staff and encouraging chefs to move beyond their comfort zones. He created a staff force that has become loyal and constantly produces astounding results on the floor. Hospitality, is after all, a reflection of ones humanity.

Legacy planning is a privilege that weighs heavy on Andre and his rather secret mystical offering in the hills “Villetta Porcini” is a testament to his dance with both Polenta Bar and Orso. Here, Andre is front and centre. On show. He is able to invite people into his world and serve them with a level of intent and intellect that rivals any food experience around the world.

Patrons are swept off their feet and carried beyond the threshold of their imagination. Dining in a mushroom temple will do that to anyone.

Throughout all of these ventures the narrative of Andre’s ballet is one of enchantment. A constant rhythm of excellence in service and overall care for food and its power to transport people towards elation.

In the softening temperatures of the summer gone by, Andre invited his most valued customers to join him at Villetta Porcini for a feast of the senses. Like the busy bee’s he so dearly loves and cares for, he prepared a highly intellectual array of fine food and wine for the unassuming guests. The food, as always, was paired with a music performance by the enigmatic South Australian artists Surahn. He performed and projected his voice over a natural spring where the guests sat after lunch, along church pews, silently gazing in digestion of what was nothing short of magic in real life.

As the winter falls, there’s a smoke signal emanating from one of the many fires Andre has lit either at Orso, Villetta Porcini or his latest venture, Lost Phoenix Farm (more on that soon). The gentle hum of friends enjoying time together over food, wine and story is calling.

This great state can forever be grateful that we have the next generation doyen of the dining experience right here at home.

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Andre Ursini creates a classic Porcini Mushroom dish in the beautiful Medallion Homes Domo Kitchen.

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