Happy Hour - Creating Your Wine Cellar

Wednesday, 18th March 2015

Wine bottles as art? There’s never been a better time to turn your covetable vino collection into a focal point of your main entertaining space.

More and more home owners want to house and showcase the bottles in a way that is representative of their collections. Cellars once were only reserved for the basement, but now they can also be about visibility and incorporating them as part of the lounge and dining areas of your home.

It's important to consider the inclusion of a wine cellar or storage area during the design of your new home. After your home has been built and furnished, it is often more difficult to install a wine cellar because of the logistics of large-scale home improvement projects. However, if you work with your builder and designer during the planning stages of your new home, they can suggest and construct an area with the ideal conditions for a wine cellar. This can save you time and money and help to create the perfect environment for storing your prized collection.

Key things people should keep in mind when building a cellar. It is important to ensure you build the type of cellar that will accommodate your collection. Making sure you have enough space for the size of the collection, for growth and for various sizes of bottles are all crucial elements. If the room permits, it is also nice to have a surface area to work with and perhaps even space for bar stools or arm chairs to sit and enjoy your special drop with friends or your partner.

Design tips. The key is to find the perfect balance of design, technology and materials. If neccessary, making sure you choose the right cooling unit to maintain optimal and consistent temperatures for your wine, if there are fluctuations in the temperature, chemical imbalances can occur and ruin the integrity and taste of your wine.

Wine cellar racking, flooring and walls can be finished with many types of materials. Wood choices would be walnut, mahogany, rosewood and wenge. Aesthetically, wood is beautiful for a wine cellar - the wood gets better with age, similar to the wine. Sometimes the use of a racking system will enhance the visual display of the wine, the options vary from metal and woods through to acryilcs which can give the space more of a modern edge.

Flooring in a wine cellar needs to withstand a highly humid environment, stone and wood are our first choices for this reason, but also for the beauty of natural materials. And don’t forget the all important lighting, which will showcase your cellar as the feature... track lighting & downlights tend to be the very accomodating common ground but for that extra kick, a chandelier will give it that extra pop, afterall doesn’t your wine collection deserve that special treatment?