Paws For Change

Monday, 1st January 2018

Medallion Homes are pleased to announce their support as a major sponsor of Paws For Change as their featured charity in 2018.

The Paws For Change Foundation is a South Australian based not for profit organisation founded to help combat cruelty to dogs on both a domestic and global scale.

Dogs were one of the first animals to be domesticated and have evolved into the ever present, ever loyal companions of humans ever since. Dogs benefit their human companions in many ways. Studies suggest companion animals increase well-being in their owners; therapy dogs promote improvement in human physical, social, emotional and cognitive functioning; and provide the perfect antidote for loneliness amongst those otherwise alone in our community.

Yet, there are many cases of dog abuse within our own country, let alone the horrific abuse and slaughter of millions of dogs in Asian countries as part of the dog meat trade.

Although based in South Australia, Paws For Change's aim is to create a better world for dogs on both a domestic and international level through education, awareness, legislation and activism campaigns.

With the help of Medallion Homes as a major sponsor and through other fundraising efforts, Paws For Change aims to combat irresponsible breeding and ownership; support the research and implementation of more dogs for animal assisted therapy; reduce the rate of unnecessary euthanasia by supporting independent no-kill shelters; and seeking to end the international atrocity of the dog meat trade through a variety of short and long term goals.

Ongoing fundraising efforts will help tackle the domestic and international abuse of dogs, as well as being a voice for those dogs abused and tortured as part of the dog meat trade overseas and Medallion Homes are proud to support this worthwhile cause.

As part of this support, Paws For Change sought donation of dog/cat related products as part of a Christmas fundraising drive, aimed at supporting one local charity, Safe Pets Safe Families, who work to provide foster care for animals when their owners are facing homelessness after escaping domestic violence situations. Medallion Homes and their staff were more than generous in providing over $500 worth of goods for this cause.

As we enter the Chinese zodiac Year of the Dog in 2018, it seems more than fitting that Medallion Homes embrace the fundraising efforts of Paws For Change and look forward to seeing the results of this charity partnership throughout the year.