Medallion Homes

Time & Space: An exhibition celebrating Adelaide fashion week.

Fashion and Architecture combine in this issue of South Australian Style.

The fashion-focused imagery taken at Medallion’s Domo Display Home in Leabrook merges two worlds linked together by a love of design and quality.

Medallion’s commitment to beautiful, spacious homes shines in this stunning fashion editorial.

French model, Matthieu and Adelaide model, Holly combined with photography by Gretl creates this stunning showcase of images.

The high ceilings and spacious interiors emphasise a sense of grandeur only found in a Medallion home.

To celebrate this week’s fashion festival, Medallion Homes are showcasing the wonderful photos in the very spaces they were captured.

This month we invite you to visit the Domo at Leabrook to view the printed large-scale photos and take a look through the Domo display home.

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